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Hello my dears, welcome to my blog. Heart Shaped Box is my storage space for everything I love and enjoy, so expect quite a few beauty and style posts, also album, book and film reviews/recommendations.

So a little about me....

I am now a student, studying fashion communication and promotion. I am addicted to tea (a strong tan colour thank you very much). I love songs with jingly jangly guitars and sad lyrics. My two favourite style eras are the sixties and 90's grunge. My favourite flowers are daisies, which I guess is technically a weed. I love words and discovering new ones; my favourite word at the moment is probably celestial. I love the beach in winter. I procrastinate far too much. I am a 'night owl', which means I stay awake till the early morning and wake up in the early afternoon. I like vinyl records and vintage clothes. My go-to outfit is a baggy cardigan, chunky boots, tights and a little black dress.

Amy xx

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