Get a tattoo
Go to New York
Fall in love
Visit Paris
Learn to drive
Get my nose pierced 
See Arctic Monkeys live
Learn how to knit
Go on a spontaneous roadtrip
Buy a house
Be side of stage at a gig
Dye my hair pink or blue
To throw a dart on a map and visit the place it lands
Go on a rollercoaster
Convince someone I’m foreign
Complete a video game
Throw a dinner party
Buy a goldfish
Write a book
Go to the cinema in the morning and not come out till at least midnight
Get VIP access to an event
Pay for my parents to go on holiday
Go to a carnival
Stop biting my fingers
Graffiti a wall
Add a lock to the lover’s bridge in Paris
Peirce my own ears
Get my passport
Go strawberry picking
Watch a thunder & lighting storm on the beach.
Ride an elephant
Go on a pub crawl
Dance in the rain
Get a degree
Go grocery shopping in the middle of the night
Ride on the back of a motorbike
Go to Morocco
Try oysters
Have something published in a magazine
Go somewhere entirely new by myself for a day
Try popping candy with ice-cream
Learn how to fishtail braid my hair
Eat fish ‘n’ chips on the end of a pier
Make a call from a telephone box
Pretend to have a different name for a day
Get a tragus piercing
Learn a card / magic trick
Go to Disneyland again
Go to more festivals, big and small.
Go to Amsterdam…
Go wine / cider tasting
Throw a drink in someone’s face (you know, like in the movies)
Hail a taxi

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