Monday, 11 February 2013

PoundLand Purchases ♥

A Pocketful of Loose Change and a Poundshop...

When I heard that pound shops have been stocking beauty products that retail at much higher costs in places like Boots and Superdrug I just knew I had to give being thrifty with my purchasing a whirl, and this is what I found:

I only visited a relatively small PoundLand so I can't say the beauty range was vast but what there was of it was pretty decent. The products are either held in clear plastic bags, which I can't say look too appealing, or loosely contained in cardboard boxes. So after I had a good rummage in the make-up department I found two pretty shades of Revlon nail varnish (Smokey Canvas and Royal), a TRESemmme heat defence spray, Argan oil and a mud mask.

REVLON SMOKEY CANVAS - I absolutely love this shade, it is a really soft grey which is a timeless shade. I love how this colour looks really delicate but sophisticated on my nails, and how it compliments any outfit. 

Since I have recently had my hair dip-dyed with bleach I have been constantly on the look out for hair products that will help to keep my hair healthy, however since pay day is still almost two weeks away I have not been able to purchase the TIGI S Factor products or Moroccan Oil that I wish for as of yet. Anyway, I was delighted to find a hair oil with Argan oil extracts which you rub onto the ends of towel dried hair, I was a bit sceptical of a product that cost me £1 but it actually does work; I use it every time I wash my hair and every time it has left the bleached ends of my hair feeling soft and looking healthy.

Also from the PoundLand hair product shelves I picked up a 300ml TRESemme Heat defence Spay which has the RRP of £4.69 in Boots! You spray it your hair before using anything that causes heat damage to your hair (hairdrying, straightning, curling) and it will protect your hair from further damage. This is especially great for my hair as I don't want to cause any more damage to the ends since bleaching it.

I am quite pleased with my £1 purchases and I would recommend that you should visit your local pound shop and see what you can find! The majority of the products may be a load of tat (a HearSay single anyone?) but you may be surprised at what you can find! Plus, you can buy jumbo packs of Maoam pinballs. BARGAIN!

Amy ♥


  1. the revlon polishes are great! :)
    laura xx

  2. I had no idea pound stores stock this kind of stuff! Might have to check it out myself so I can look at the nail polishes!

    Christina x

    1. I know! You do have to dig around for hidden gems though but it's worth it when you can find stuff like this!

      Amy x


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