Friday, 29 March 2013

March Poundland Purchases

Poundland's or Poundshop's are really great places to pick up beauty supplies, I frequently buy products like cotton buds and cotton pads up instead of paying excessively for the same thing elsewhere but recently I have been looking through their make-up stand and finding some bloody good things. You can read my first post on my first Poundland beauty haul here. So this time round I found Rimmel, Revlon and Sleek products and I love these brands full price so since they were just a pound it would be rude not to take them to the checkout. 

Eyelure cotton pads doublepack, Rimmel French manicure polish in 'Rose Praline', Rimmel Exaggerate navy liquid liner '007', Sleek True Colour in 'Blaze', Sleek Sheer Cover in 'Calico', Rimmel EYEFUL eye glistener in 'Flaunt'
So I love the Rimmel polish and it does what it says on the tin; a French manicure base colour. I also really like the liquid liner and navy is not a colour a usually go for in liner but it is actually a flattering shade for my eye colour (my eyes are a greeny bluish with a bit of  grey colour) and I think this shade will be lovely for a night out; plus it's really easy to apply. I really like the EYEFUL pencil as well; it is basically a shadow stick with a texture not too dissimilar from their scandaleyes range. The Sleek sheer cover lipstick is a lovely sheer shimmery toffee colour and it is great for everydaywear, however the true colour Sleek lipstick I picked up ain't really my cup of tea; it is a very dark bronze shimmery colour that would be perfect in an eyeshadow but not so much as a lipstick.
Sleek True Colour in 'Blaze' (black case), Sleek Sheer Cover in 'Calico'(pink case)
Now on to my favourite Poundland purchase; a Revlon Super Lustrous lip balm in 'Pink Crystal'. This is a great 'just throw it in your handbag' kind of lip balm, plus it smells of melon; lovely!
(Revlon lip balm in 'Pink Crystal')
Poundland/Poundshop seem to stock drug store makeup (or sometimes even high-end although I wasn't quite lucky enough to get my hands on the Stila stock) when the brand has changed its packaging or name or if a product has been discontinued and although some of the stock is a load of tat if you do rummage you can find some gems, but be warned; you have to be prepared to take every thing off the rack just to get that one Revlon product right at the back!
Love Amy xx


  1. Cool buys from the poundshops.. Great post , you never know what you can pick up .

    1. Thank you :) I know it's true; there are some hidden gems in them!

      Amy xx


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