Tuesday, 16 July 2013

PAYDAY HAUL - Primark, Topshop & Boots

So when I got paid on Friday I went out to do a little bit of shopping with my mum, so I thought I'd share with you my purchases. Enjoy!


I know a lot of people find shopping in Primark pretty stressful but I always go early morning when there is less people to shove out the way of that dress, plus it provides me with more time to peruse the racks and rails. Yeah, so try Primark in the morning because things are a lot less chaotic!

SANDALS - £6 (sale) / TIGHTS - £2.50

These sandals were originally £12 but my darling mother found these on the reduced rack for me, so cheers mum! I know there are some pretty similar sandals to these on missguided. I love these tights plus they are pretty good quality.


How cute are these! They look like lollipops! I like that they are battery operated too because it means that you can put them anywhere, I think I might put them in a clear glass jar. 


Just some basics. 


I have seen this style of crop so much on ASOS and Motel Rocks and I really wanted to try one out but I was hoping that Primark would stock one for a little bit cheaper because I didn't want to spluge on one when I wasn't sure it would suit me. Surprisingly I did find one in Primark, I really wanted just a black one as it would go with more but I wasn't about to leave this on the rack when it was only £5! It is actually a really thick stretch jersey which surprised me because when I saw it from afar I thought it would be a flimsy see-through number. I'll be pairing this with a skater skirt or under my dungaree shorts. 


This top is so simple yet so stunning, the pictures really don't do it justice so I'll try and do an OOTD with it soon. It is a peachy nude jersey material with flecks of silver woven through it. It looks really pretty paired with skinny jeans or tucked into a skirt. It reminds me of a top I saw in Miss Selfridge a while back and for just £7 I couldn't leave it there!

SHORTS - £5 (sale)

Ooh I love these. I found them in a big pile of shorts reduced from £12 to £5! They are really girly grungy what with the floral patchwork and ripped effect combination. They fit really well plus even though they are short shorts they don't show my entire arse like a lot of shorts seem to do (I am not a fan of bum shorts!)

MAXI SKIRT - £5 (sale)

I was going to buy this back when it was £10 but for some reason I didn't, so thankyou fate, because I found it for half price! It is just a basic jersey maxi skirt in leopard print which is great to just throw on during summer nights.


These are sold in the denim section of my Primark but I don't consider them to be jeans since they are a canvas material. I only bought these to wear for work because I have been struggling to find a pair of trousers that I actually enjoy wearing to work, I have to say these do the job nicely.


I didn't have a lot of time to browse Topshop so I only bought a couple of things but I am very happy with my purchases. 

I can't help but buy Topshop lipsticks; they are just too darn irresistible. I wanted to get quite a bold shade so I went for this one. It is a pastel Barbie pink that is pretty bright in both the bullet and on the lips. As all Topshop lipsticks are this one is super pigmented and moisturising on the lips. 

HEADBAND - £3.50 (sale)

I couldn't resist this little darling, daisies are my favourite flower and I do like spiky things so this makes for a very nice combination to wear on my head.


S&G 'Mist You Madly' 100ml - £3.50 / COLLECTION 60 SECONDS - £1.99 / COLLECTION BEDAZZLED - £2.99

Boots have some really great deals on make-up at the moment so I thought I'd pop and have a quick look. I ended up buying some Collection nail polishes just because I am slowly having to restock my nail varnish collection as my old ones have all dried up and gone clumpy. The offer on Collection was if you spent over £4 then you got a free nail polish. I just went for a basic letterbox red shade (Big Hair), a Barbie Pink (Hula Hoop) and a glitter nail effects (Razzle Dazzle). I also wanted to get a handbag sized  Soap&Glory 'Mist You Madly' spray because this is my favourite fragrance just for everyday and I like to replenish throughout the day.

I hope you enjoyed my haul, there will be a part two to this sometime this week featuring some more Primark! Hope you are all well.


  1. Oooh I love a good haul! You got some amazing things! It makes me want to go shopping so badly! xx


  2. You got so many lovely things! I adore the headband! xx


  3. Omg, love your blog!


    Do you want to follow each other?


  4. ooo great haul :) I love the topshop headband and the £5 shorts. Topshop lipstick is great, too. Thanks so much for following me, I'm following right back on bloglovin and gfc :)

    great blog! xx



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