Friday, 23 August 2013


So this is the weekly post were I tell you all my favourite things of this past week. I am so proud of myself for getting as far as post ten since usually I am such a lazy procrastinator so as sad as it may sound these regular posts feel like a sort of achievement for myself. Anyway on with the favourites... 

Swim Deep - Where The Heaven Are We?
Ahh this album feels so spacey but angsty and so laidback and slightly psychedelic and also fuzzy and grungy (yes it can be all these things...well to my ears!) I think this is a good late-summer album and it is a great soundtrack to travel to. Give it a listen because my ramblings probably don't do it any favours! 


Boy, do I love this dress. It's a piece of clothing that really excites me, you know the kind of clothing that you have all kinds of ideas of how to style it in your mind. I'm looking forward to the coming Autumn season to wear this with tights and boots and jackets. It's from So Love Fashion and costs £15 - bargain!


So I have joined the modern age and bought myself a kindle because well, I love books and my University accommodation for the next year will have little to none storage space for my hardbacks! I love it so very much already but I won't lie it doesn't come with that new book smell which is slightly disappointing. 

You might've seen from my recent haul post that I bought a couple of Barry M polishes and this is one of them  - 'Blue Moon'. Blue Moon is a very light pastel seafoam blue which is so very pretty for the summer (although it's almost the end) and I've put my Technic 'Black Mirror' glitter polish just to finish my nails off. I just love this combination .


I have been waiting for these boots to come back into stock for a couple of weeks so when I saw them back online I instantly snapped them up. They look cool in the summer with just bare legs and a dress but will look equally as cool in the A/W with tights and thick socks. 


Okay so it may not look like much but for me this is such a wardrobe staple. It is look alike leather (a key trend for A/W) and it looks pretty cool layered beneath sheer shirts and cami's and I think it will look just as cool atop of jersey t-shirts. Yeah, I likes it a lot

So that's it for my weekly favourites, what have you been loving this past week? As always I hope you are all well and if you haven't already then please follow me on bloglovin here!

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