Friday, 30 August 2013


IT'S FRIDAY. I'M IN LOVE post number 11! That's dedication that is! Now before I tell you all the things I have been loving since last Friday I'll just share with you one thing that I have not; my poor laptop had to go to the mender's yard. So some letters on my keyboard had stopped working so I had to take my baby in to get fixed and I won't get it back for a month (how am I going to survive?). So I will now be using the family computer (yey.) for blogging purposes so if I ain't blogging as much as usual, it's because I'm trying to drag my darling mother off've Twitter.  Anyway...on with the favourites.


Yup, I hopped aboard the ol' beauty bandwagon and bought myself some Seche Vite topcoat. I have been meaning to write about this lifesaver for awhile now so this feels long overdue. BELIEVE THE HYPE. It works! It's a miracle! Pop it on after you've painted your nails and it dries the polish quicker, makes your nails look shiny and seems to be chip resistant for up to a week. 


John Cooper Clarke - Ten Years In An Open Necked Shirt.
John Cooper Clarke is one of my biggest inspirations. He is a performance poet from Salford who was weaved among the punk and post-punk era who has influenced many a creative soul such as the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Alex Turner, Kate Nash and Plan B. I had the privilege of seeing him performing live at last years Lattitude festival which was definitely a highlight for me just because every time I hear or read his poetry I am inspired to write down something, anything down. So I saw this book of his poems on Amazon and immediately purchased it and have been browsing through it ever since this morning when it arrived in the post. 


Nomnomnom. Snack-wise I have been loving tortilla chips and spicy chilli hummus and cherry tomatoes which is very tasty and I guess pretty healthy for me. Dessert-wise I have been liking vanilla ice-cream (Tesco's is best) served with blueberries which is both refreshing and delicious and again quite healthy. I have also done a bit of baking this week and produced these chocolicious butterfly buns which were very nice indeed....if I do say so myself!

I won this dipped hem skirt from eBay last week, now I already have the same style skirt but in a green paisley print (worn here) and I was so happy when I won this version because it's floral and pretty and the style is easy to wear. I think it's really flattering and is just one of those 'throw it on' kind of pieces that never go wrong!


Rekorderlig - Strawberry & Lime cider.
Yeah yeah, I've posted about this before but well it is my summertime drink of choice and it's bloody delicious. It's fruity and sweet and oh so refreshing. Serve over ice and lime et voila! 

As always I hope you are all very well and don't forget to stay up to date with all of my posts by following me on bloglovin here!


  1. I love your blog, will pass by more often ;)

    xoxo Faye

  2. People told me great things about the top coat, I just never tried it myself haha
    Would love us to follow each other, let me know?
    ♥Stacey Nguyen

  3. Seche Vite, best stuff ever! shame for your poor laptop, nothing worse when your connection to the world is severed! I hate not having internet its a nightmare! x



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