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So this is my eighth It’s Friday. I’m In Love…doesn’t time fly! I have been pretty busy working this week (only one full day off – sob) but I have still had a lot of time to find some favourites.  So let’s roll on with them…

So I went on a rather unintentional shopping trip earlier this week to a lot of budget shops, and I will be putting up a full haul post tomorrow so look out for that but in the meantime I just thought I'd share with you my joy at finding a lot of stuff for little pennies. So if you do live in the UK I would definitely recommend checking out shops such as Boyes, Home Bargains and Poundland because you can often find a lot of good brands and discounted prices which is always a bonus for the old bank balance! 

Okay so I think from these IF.IIL  posts we have established that I am just a little bit obsessed with Skins but I promise after this post this is the last time you’ll hear me banging on about it! Anyway it was the last ever episode this past Monday and it ended with the final part to Cook’s story and it was epic. It was like a proper grown up gritty drama piece with sensational acting. It was somewhat heartbreaking to see Skins go but the story was perfect for Cook.
So if you live in the UK then you might have seen this advertised quite a bit as of late. It is shocking to watch, after all it is about an ex-soldier who goes on a violent shooting spree in the sleepy fictional seaside town of Southcliffe but it is also kind of brilliant. It jumps backwards and forwards in time quite a bit and uses a lot of close camera angles. Instead of doing the old cops and robbers ‘catch the criminal’ narrative the director chose to show us the reactions and consequences of a town ripped apart which makes for an altogether more real and hard-hitting viewing experience.
I’M ALAN PARTRIDGE. I LOVE Alan Partridge and all of this week I have been watching the old series repeats back. Personally I think Alan Partridge is British humour at its best and I might reference it all too much in real life. 

Okay so I am gonna look like a total geek here (well I am) and say that I have been obsessed with a PS3 game called The Last Of Us; a zombie-apocalyptic game set in 2033. Now I have wanted to play this for ages after watching the full walkthrough on YouTube here (total geek alert.) but I have finally managed to play it properly. It's more of a movie than a typical video game and the characters and the plots are engaging and fresh plus the main character is a bad-ass fourteen year old girl who looks a lot like Juno. Yeah, I like it a lot. 

So last Saturday it was my Grandad's birthday and so all the family went for a lovely family meal on the Friday. It was so nice catching up with my cousins before we all leave for University in September and it was so nice to see my Gran & Grandad enjoying themselves after having a pretty rubbish time of late. I do like a family get-together every now and then, even if it is just because my aunt is funny when she's pissed.   

RIZZLE KICKS - LOST GENERATION. I like the Rizzle Kicks okay. They made the trumpet cool again and I am liking their new song a hell of a lot. Lost Generation is really summery and really catchy.  
FOALS - BAD HABIT. Oh I love this song to pieces, I love the whole album in fact - it is certianly a contender for my album of the year. This song in particular feels really dark but also really summery and I really like this contrast.
SWIM DEEP - KING CITY. This was my song of the summer last year and it probably still is for this year and I am so pleased they are finally getting the recognition they deserve.
LANA DEL REY - COLA. Okay this song is a little bit cheeky and it makes me giggle a bit everytime I hear the first line but I just love it. All Lana Del Rey songs seem to transport me to a convertible in the L.A sunshine and wearing some heart shaped sunglasses and this is totally a good thing in my eyes. 
MILEY CYRUS - WE CAN'T STOP. Oh my am I admitting this? I cannot get this song out of my head - it is so bloody catchy. I can't stop singing it, damn you 2013 Miley for you catchy song and tough-girl attitude. 

So that's it for another IF.IIL. I'm now going to play some more of The Last Of Us. What have you been loving this past week? Oh and of you haven't already then please follow me on bloglovin here and thankyou all so much for my 100+ followers this week I feel utterly honoured!

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  1. I agree about Miley's song we can't stop! At first I didn't like it and thought the video was just too much. But now I love it! I think her new look is growing on me haha.


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