Sunday, 4 August 2013


So this is my forth OOTD from my Lake District holiday, it might look pretty dull in the photographs but it was actually intensely warm! The lake is Windermere which I believe is the largest lake in England and as it goes my favourite one just because there are so many parts and places around it. Plus if it is gorgeous weather then it feels like you're in France or something!

TOP - Primark / DENIM SHORTS - Missguided / FISHNET SHORTS - DIY / SANDALS - eBay

I think this Primark cami top is so beautiful and with the silver threading in it I think it is a perfect day-night transitional piece. With this outfit I wanted to dress down the top so I paired it with my highwaisted shorts and flat sandals. I wanted to make the whole look a bit more punk and grungy so I did a quick bit of DIY with some old fishnet tights and a pair of scissors et viola! 

HEADBAND - Topshop / EARRING - Kukee / NECKLACES - Kukee / BRACELETS - Dorothy Perkins

Oh it's that hairband again. I'm not even sorry for the amount of appearances it has made in my recent OOTD's.  My jewellery is just my usual planet chain and pink quartz chain from Kukee with my Kukee skeleton hand earring (they do come as a pair but I like to mix 'n' match my earrings). 

RUCKSACK - Primark

This rucksack was my £5 Primark bargain from back in April. I like to wear this rucksack as my everyday bag because it gives quite a laid back vibe to my outfits which I like. 

As always I hope you are well! Oh and please don't forget to follow me on bloglovin here. If you were wondering about the title of this post it is a lyric taken from the song Taste It by the very talented Jake Bugg.


  1. You look so lovely dear<3

  2. So simple and beautiful. I am completely obsessed with high waisted shorts and flower crowns. You look lovely. :)

  3. I loved the little flower headband. Really added to your outfit! :)


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