Sunday, 8 December 2013


So....I've been a bad blogger...a very bad one! It's been months but I promise I'll be on my best blogger behaviour from now on (well I'll try!). I've finished my first term at Uni and so far so good, I love my course and everyone I've met so far; everything has been keeping me busy. Since I haven't blogged practically since I started Uni I thought I'd share with you a very photo heavy post on things that've happened since September. 

'Ere we go.....

 1) 1st day nails 2) Such a cliche! 3) Slice of heaven 4) My best friend and worst enemy 3) Lilac ends 6) Nottingham graffiti

7) Making Doc Martens moodboard 8) 2 pints in a glass 9) Miles Kane @ Rock City 10) Purple glitter 11) Taking advantage of student discount at Topshop 12) Research

13) Halls boredom 14) Bleach London dip-dye 15) Halloween make-up 16) My fave meal 17) Blue ends 18) iya. 

 19) Christmas @ Selfridges 20) Burberry store 21) Pound a pint 22) I look tiny! 23) Street style pictures 24) My little pony hair!

Right that's all folks, I've got quite a few posts and OOTD's planned so look out for those and remember to follow me on bloglovin here to stay up to date with all my posts! Plus I've finally joined the modern ages now and got Twitter so follow me here if you fancy!

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  1. Good to see you back girly! Love your mermaid hair, and that Essie polish is beaut xo


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