Friday, 24 May 2013

MAY 2013 HAUL - Primark, Schuh, eBay, ASOS and more

So I got paid last week and after putting aside most of my wages for my university fund I then went shopping; my only addiction asides from tea. So I thought I'd do a haul post to show you some of the things I have picked up lately. WARNING this is a long and pretty photo heavy post if that offends you read no further. 
First up PRIMARK:
SOCKS - £2.50 / TIGHTS - £3
I could not resist these socks, they are just basic trainer socks in pastel colours but they have adorable little doll frill trims and I just thought they were too cute to leave on the stand.
I must buy a pair of sunglasses from Primark every time I go in but they are just too cheap not to buy and I really liked the slight cat eye style of these ones.
FLASK - £2.50 / TIGHTS - £2.50
SHOES - £8
How cute are these T-Bar flats. They are a really soft grey colour with silver ball studs and I just thought they are a really cool alternative to sandals for the summer.
Just a basic boyfriend t-shirt in black. I got it to go with my printed trousers and skirts. They have this t-shirt in a variety of colours.
Ooh la la a French t-shirt. I am not normally one for slogan t-shirts especially not ones from Primark because everyone seems to wear them but I couldn't not buy this one. Why? It's monochrome, it's in French and the text has a really cool pearl texture.
I always buy men's t-shirts from Primark, I like the prints and quality of them whereas I am not such a fan of the female printed t-shirts because they always seem to be a bit cute and girly for my liking (does that make sense). I did actually buy this one to wear to bed since they only had it in XL but when I got home and tried it on it actually looked pretty cool as a dress. So I now have another dress.
I already have this in the charcoal grey and I really like them styled with high waisted skirts or trousers. They have this style in a lot of other colours.
So from Primark I went to Schuh to spend the birthday money my Gran & Granddad gave me to get some converse. I have wanted to get a pair of Converse Ox trainers for ages so I was pretty pleased when I got the money to buy them. I went for the Off-white/cream colour because I know this shade will go with a lot of things; especially in the summer. I also really like the bottom of these trainers with the red and blue stripe because they remind me of the American flag or toothpaste.
I got this retro silver digital watch because the only other watches I own are gold or rose gold and I just thought a silver watch would go with more things. I got it from this store if you're interested.
Okay so this chain may not be to everyone's taste (I've had mixed reviews so far) but I really like it. It's gold and clunky with a lions head and it instantly gives the simplest of outfits a bit of edge. It's a little bit Rihanna, Rita Ora and Cara Delevigne. If you wanna get your paws on this one click here it is shipped from China so be prepared to wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive.
FLUORO LOW WEDGES - £4.74 (inc. p&p) 
These fluorescent pink sandals are from an eBay store called offcutsshoes which is an Office store selling shoes with slight defects (like tiny scuffs or marks from displays). I always look on this eBay store for shoes because they are Office shoes for a fraction of what you should be paying for them. Click here to visit the store. 
I haven't been to Matalan for months! I'm not a fan of Matalan clothes just because of sizing but I always love a bit of Matalan for accessories and homeware. It was buy one get one free on selected jewellery (for card holders only) so how could I resist?
I was going to buy a single midi ring from ASOS for the same price so I was well chuffed when I found this trio in Matalan. The trio consists of a heart, a cross and a peace sign all in gold. 
CHAIN - £8
I liked this chain because it is chunky and clunky and because it silver with gold in in it which means I can wear it with all my jewellery.

Oh how beautiful are these, they remind me of the Topshop ARABEL boots slightly but for a fraction of the price. I just thought they were so cool and would really work with my grungy style. Plus the cut out means I can wear them in the summer without my feet getting too hot and also they will look good in the cooler weather with patterned tights.
I have finally purchased a pinafore dress! It is from River Island via ASOS, it's a soft material with a denim look. I thought it was a really reasonable price and I just had to buy it, well put it on the credit card and pay it off later anyway! 


I have only just found out about this jewellery store but I already love it! The store sells really dainty and unique jewellery at really reasonable prices with just £1.95 postage. I am into silver jewellery at the moment and I fell in love with the dinosaur charms on this one - so bloody cute! I will definitely be purchasing more items from this store, especially since it is run by a student and blogger! Click here to check out the lovely jewellery by Little Teacup.

Woah that was quite a hefty post but I thought it would be nice to show you everything (especially Primark since they don't have a website). I really like reading haul posts just to get a bit of inspiration so I hope you like this one and I hope you are all well!
love amy xx


  1. Love the lion necklace so much but oh my godddd those cut out boots from Matalan are amazing!They don't look like something from Matalan at all.Definitely going to have a search for those next time I pop in! :) x

    1. I know I was so shocked when I saw them in there! :) xx

  2. Amy, I can't believe I have only just found your blog!? I absolutely love it. It's so beautiful and your posts are class because I am a terrible bargain shopper!!

    I'm now following you!


    1. thankyou so much my dear, haha me too - finding bargains make me happy!


  3. I live the pinafore dress!
    Wish I was brave enough to wear one, they look so lovely on teamed with the right things!!

    Hannah xoxo

  4. The pinafore dress and necklace are so cute. I definitely would not get away with wearing it, as much as i'd love too :(



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