Friday, 10 May 2013


Oh my is it already May? Time seems to be ticking oh so fast for me! Still with another month brings another wishlist...

Yeah as you can see this wishlist is pretty nail paint heavy but I love experimenting with nail colours in the summer because they instantly update my winter wardrobe. I am definitely going to be picking up a Model's Own Fruit Pastel shade because I love pastel shades and also they are scented polishes so you can sniff the scents (fruit scented) before you buy. I would like Essie 'Fiji' but I will be saving up my tips to buy this one because £8 of my own money just feels to extravagant.  I really, really want to give the Ciate chalkboard nails a go! You get a base of either white or black which provides a chalkboard effect and then you get four little chalk pens to draw on your nails with which you could either wipe away and start again or seal with a clear topcoat. I really like the idea of drawing chalk on your nails because it reminds me of being a little girl and drawing spirals and flowers on the path outside my house (semi permanent vandalism as I like to call it). As much as I like the idea of this polish, I think it could be a bit of a novelty product plus it's kind of on the pricey side. The set retails at £18 and I think it's exclusive to Selfridges.
I have wanted some Leigh jeans for ages because I have only ever heard good things about them but I am very picky about jeans as I struggle to find ones that fit me perfectly but I know the Leigh jeans are super soft and tight fitting; can anyone recommend them? I have fallen in love with the contrasting monochrome spotty Topshop t-shirt. I am really into monochrome clothes at the moment because they are so timeless and are just so easy to accessorise. I am liking Topshop a lot as of late and I could very easily purchase everything they sell. I am also really liking H&M (as you may be able to tell from most of my recent OOTD's) they have got a great summer range and the prices are so reasonable; I will definitely be grabbing the chain above if I see it instore because I love really clunky necklaces and the silver colour is just so classic.
Do those ASOS FRANCESCA sandals remind anyone else of being little? I had a similar pair in lemon when I was about five paired with a some frilly ankle socks; I think I would still rock that look today! Wow, with these sandals and the chalkboard nails I think I would be recreating my childhood in one look. Also from asos I would like the set of rings please! I love the look of fingers being adorned in gold hardware!
I need to eBay myself an Arctic Monkeys t-shirt because they are my favourite band and have been since I was eleven but I have always neglected to purchase myself one; oops!  
Okay so I need that RIVER ISLAND floral suitcase in my life because come September I will be living away from home and I am going to be needing some stylish luggage material to cart all my things back and forth but I will inevitably end up with just your average black suitcase; a girl can only wish.
Mmmm the LUSH buublegum lip scrub just makes me want to lick my lips even thinking about it. I have never used a lip scrub before but I probably should. Are the Lush ones the best or can any of you suggest anything better?

So what are you all wishing for this month?
love amy xx


  1. i think it's a casual but pretty wishlist, i love that monochrome t-shirt :)

    visit me, and let me now maybe you wanna follow each other and i'll follow you too

  2. Heyy thanks for checking out my blog, I love yours, following!
    Hope you like mine enough to follow too,

  3. Hey, so I know you hate these comments but just hear me out, I'm 12 & one of my biggest dreams is to be a decent well-known blogger.My posts are written with good literacy skills & much thought. I post 15 times a month & love it.

    So basically what I'm trying to say is, please take a minute to gimme' a read. I'd really appreciate it & I'm not asking for follows or anything - thanks.

    Zoe - xo

  4. Love the riverisland suitcase and the ciate blackboard polishes :)

  5. I love the idea of having a wish list! would you like to follow for a follow?
    let me know


  6. I have the models own pastel set and I absolutely love it :)

    XOXO Sade


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