Friday, 21 June 2013


The third consecutive Friday I have done this kind of post which means I have been true to my word! So what things have I been loving since last Friday?

ESSIE FIJI. So I succumbed to all the beauty hype and bought this cult nail varnish. I have been wearing this shade all week so I must like it. I have to say I'm not a big fan of the application and it did take 3 coats to build the colour but I can't fault the finished product. The colour is beautiful - a milky pastel pink. Perfect for summer and it will go with most outfits. Lovely
ARCTIC MONKEYS - DO I WANNA KNOW? Oh my sweet lord! A new song! I died and went to heaven when I saw this on my YouTube subscription page. Arctic Monkeys have always been and always will be my favourite band and I really really fucking like this song a hell of a lot. It's heavier than the songs on 'Suck It And See', it's of a similar vein to R U MINE? which I also liked a hell of a lot. The lyrics are perfectly poetic as usual and delivered with Mr Turner's irresistible Sheffield twang. Tell you what instead of me passionately declaring my love for this band and their new song how about I just give you the link to it? CLICK HERE. 
COMPANY MAGAZINE. New issue! This is the only magazine I buy monthly because I just all round like it. I like the layout, the colours, the paper, the photography and the articles. Plus Company place a great deal of focus on bloggers which I really admire. Each issue also has a different patterned spine which means the more you collect the prettier it looks on your shelf. How cute!

MY NAME ON A BOTTLE. Wow this marketing campaign is so simple yet so effective for Coca Cola. Of course we are all going to buy the drink if it has our name on it, I mean it would be rude not to. I rarely drink Coke and yet even I have bought a bottle. I won't be drinking it though, it will be a decoration on my shelf forever!

MONOCHROME! I have bought a hell of a lot of black and white wardrobe staples recently. I just love how easy monochrome is to style and wear. Plus monochrome is such a timeless trend. I'm really excited to mix and match all my monochrome pieces and clash prints. 

 KUKEE JEWELLERY. I am so glad I clicked on a link to this online jewellery store! Everything they sell is just so cute and quirky. From dinosaur pendants to planet rings to spike chokers and druzy rings. Plus most things are under £5, so it's really hard to stop clicking 'buy'.  I will be doing a blog post on everything I bought from there just as soon as my second order arrives so stay tuned for that. In the meantime click here if you wanna check Kukee out. The P&P is only £2.50 too, so you don't even get stung on delivery costs! 
 TOPSHOP 'INNOCENT' I think I bought this back in March and it is one lipstick that I wear at least twice a week. It's a really pretty dusky petal pink that has a velvety matte texture plus it's really creamy and moisturising. Ahh and just look at that packaging it looks so pretty. 

And I guess this concludes another 'IT'S FRIDAY. I'M IN LOVE'.

love amy xx


  1. Lovely nail polish and monochrome clothing! Seems to be the in thing now hahah! have a great day c: xox

  2. I loooove monochrome pieces, you can just wear them again and again!:) your blog is so lovely, followed you! would be great if you could possibly check out my blog?:)


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