Friday, 7 June 2013


Welcome to my Friday favourites post about everything I have been loving this week. So I will try and do this kind of post every Friday just to let all you lovely people know what I have been loving in that week. Now notice that I said 'try' there because after all I cannot guarantee such things what with me being a natural procrastinator and all!


THE SUN! Okay so I know us Brits seem to obsess over the weather but can I just say that seeing the sunshine this week has been bloody lovely. I like the summertime. I like how it feels on my skin and I love looking up to see blue skies. I like walking barefoot over hot pavements and making daisy chains. When the sun comes out there seems to be this air of childlike excitement in the air that makes everybody come alive plus ICE CREAM!

REVLON LIP BUTTER IN 'STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE'. I didn't even swatch this in the shop I just bought it because of the name (oh how naughty of me). It is a perfect everyday colour plus it has a really luxurious creamy feel

THE TRAILER FOR SKINS SERIES 7! Arghhh so fucking excited for this! I have grown up with Skins and I am sad to see it ending but it is the right time to say goodbye. The finale series has my three favourite characters in, but now all grown up and I just can't bloody wait to see what's happened to Cook (I so would), Effy and Cassie. WATCH IT HERE.

GRUNGY CLOTHES. What can I say? I love bohemian grunge style plus I am thinking of maybe doing a Spring/Summer grunge inspired lookbook post.

OREO MILKSHAKES. Oh my oh my! Oreo milkshakes taste like heaven crushed up into a blender; I cannot believe I have not made myself one before this week. Here it is in all it's delicious glory.

FANTA. I rediscovered this fizzy orange beverage in Nandos a few weeks back and it has been my cold soft drink of choice ever since.

TV-wise this week I have been loving: Mad Dogs (New series - oh yeah!), Nashville (a guilty pleasure of mine) and the finale of Revenge series 2 (ohnygod too much drama too handle). Oh and obviously Made In Chelsea (I am that obsessed my English A Level coursework revolved around this programme)

My playlist this week?
Palma Violets - 180
Misty Miller - Lonesome Cowboy
Best Coast - Summer Mood
Saint Raymond - Fall At Your Feet
Ghostpoet - Meltdown
Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored

This week I have been re-reading The Adults by Alison Espach. For me this book is just perfect and I would definitely recommend it; especially if you are a fan of books like Lolita, A Certain Age and Catcher in the Rye.  My favourite quote from The Adults? Your childhood is always ending and your adult self is always beginning.

THIS WEEK I HAVE BEEN ADDICTED TO: Online shopping! My postman brings me presents everyday. He must think I have a slight problem or something.

So what have you been loving this week?

love amy xx
(all photo's are my own)


  1. Oreo milkshakes are seriously incredible! massive craving now

    B xx

  2. online shopping has always been a hobby of mine haha! and your oreo milkshake looks heavenly!

    bec X

  3. Hey Amy! (That´s what my name ist too! :D)
    I really love your layout!

    Have a nice day!

    ♥ Amy

    1. thankyou my dear :)

      haha I really love your name ( I wonder why!)


  4. very nice blog :)))
    follow me I will follow you back !!

  5. Oreo milkshake...I need one now! x


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