Monday, 10 June 2013


A few weeks back I decided to change my blog's address from to This means that my address now suits my blog name which it didn't before (which was really distressing for the OCD part of me!), but it also means that I will lose the bloglovin followers I accumulated operating under my previous web address :(. So basically this is just a really quick post to kindly ask all of you lovely people to go and follow my blog via bloglovin here. I am only asking you this because I don't want to lose you all just because I changed my web address. Plus it would be cool for you to follow me via bloglovin if and when GFC becomes extinct!

love amy x

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  1. your blog is so cute, I've followed you on bloglovin and GFC :-)
    FYI you have a bloglovin button at the bottom on the right hand side which links to your old URL


    1. thankyou :D
      aha I forgot about that one! cheers for letting me know dear :) x


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