Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I purchased this shade a month or so back from Asos but I only properly tried it out last week. For me this polish took 3 coats to build up a solid colour and since it is quite slow drying it was quite a long process. Diamond Dust is a sapphire blue with a grey undertone and flecks of holographic sparkle to it which is a really beautiful colour in the bottle.
 Rimmel Precious Stones in 001 'Diamond Dust'
  I bought this polish because I thought it would be a stunning sparkly shade however it dries matte which somewhat dulls down the colour which did disappoint me a bit. If like me you don't like this muted finish then use a high shine top coat to finish the look. Another flaw of this polish for me was the texture, once the nail paint is dry it has quite a gritty finish which feels almost like grains of sand (again, nothing a top coat won't fix). The removal of this nail polish was a right pain in the arse; I practically used one cotton pad per nail and it took bloody ages!

 So all in all I wasn't too impressed with this Rimmel nail polish but then I'm not a fan of matte nails but it is a very pretty colour. I will definitely be trying it with both an undercoat and a topcoat.
Have you tried the Precious Stones range? / Did you like it? / Are you a fan of Rimmel nail varnishes?
love amy xx


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  2. Hey, that's looks lovely! Think I'm gonna have to treat myself to that it's sooooo pretty!
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  3. It's really pretty but it's going to be hard to remove. Ahhh... glittery nail polishes...

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