Friday, 19 July 2013


So this is the sixth Friday favourites; how scarily fast does time go?! I've spent most of this week at work which in this weather is torturous; I am so emerald eyed of the people I’m pouring ice-cold drinks for, I mean they get to just sit in the beer garden under the sunshine. Anyway let’s commence with my weekly favourites and that.


So you might have seen this in my recent haul post and if you haven’t then feel free to click here. I got this beauty off eBay for £11 in all which is a bargain for a decent Kimono (even Primark’s are retailing at £15). It is by the brand Innocence and I know this was an online exclusive from New Look (I'm not sure if they still have it though!) but the eBay one is quite a bit cheaper. I really like the cocktail of colours and this is a great summer investment piece and I am really excited to style it with things. If you want to get your hands on it then click here, plus the seller also stocks this monochrome aztec one here

So if you are a regular reader then you’re probably sick of me mentioning this programme but I just can’t help it! Skins Pure is all about Cassie (one of my fave characters and played by the beautiful Hannah Murray), stuck in a dead end waitressing job and all washed up in London she realises someone has been following her and taking her pictures. These photographs end up being very popular online and Cassie begins to enjoy being an object of desire and gives permission for her mysterious photographer to use her as his muse (she finds out it is the cook at the cafĂ© where she works). Once again it was filmed, scripted and acted beautifully and I have been thoroughly impressed with the finale series. If you fancy watching the series so far on 4od then click here.

Ahh such a standout summer shade for me. It is literally like BOOM (oh, hence the name). On the website Topshop describe it has ‘dusty pink’: nope, this baby is a pastel Barbie pink that just looks so girly but at the same time really edgy. I think this colour looks gorgeous with a plain black dress just to give a pop of colour

I think this is such a love/hate sandwich filling for people, I love it but most people I know hate the idea of it. Jam (strawberry for me thanks) and peanut butter (crunchy all the way) on separate slices of bread and then put together et voila! Instant energy and all round deliciousness. 

I am a sucker for packaging which is why I think I like storage so much, at the moment I can’t get enough of glass jars (or mason jars). I think they make really cute quirky storage facilities, as you can see my lipsticks live in one, as do a selection of nail polishes.

Tonight is my final shift at work before a week long family break in the Lake District. Okay so it isn’t Turkey or Italy or Southern France but the Lakes holds quite a lot of memories for me so I quite enjoy holidays there, plus with the weather like it is at the moment I am perfectly happy to spend my week off in England and not abroad.

So what have you all been loving this week?

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  1. I've been loving Kimono's lately! xx

  2. Nice post!! fanned & followed u!!



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