Thursday, 18 July 2013

PAYDAY HAUL PART II (Primark, Missguided eBay & Poundland)

So here is part deux of my recent shopping purchases(you can click here for the first part). It's only a mini one this time around but hey ho,  I always like haul posts so I hope you do to. 


So I went back to Primark on Tuesday morning just because my mum needed a few bits and bobs but of course I ended up with a basket too. 

FLATS - £4

So first up I got these cute little pumps. They are black patent which always reminds me of being about six but what I really like about these are the ankle strap, now I am a fan of an ankle strap in general because my feet are so tiny that shoes can often just slip off but with an ankle strap they fir really securely, plus the straps here have stud detail which just punks up the pumps somewhat. Oh and they were reduced from £8 to £4 so...bargain.


Next up just a really basic stretch jersey black midi skirt, now this was the only one left in my size and I swear the rack was practically empty and that was early morning! Everybody seemed to have one of these in their baskets but at £5 you can see why! It is really good quality too, it is a really thick jersey and it isn't see-through at all. They also had this skirt in red and blue.

ZEBRA CROP - £3(sale)

This top looks so retro! It's zebra print which is really cool plus it's crop which is great for the summer. It is a size 12 so I did size up with this but being oversized it does give it a more vintage feel. This was originally £8.


Okay yes it is summer and yes there is this heatwave going on but yes, I bought a jumper. It's really lightweight which I figured will be great for summer evenings just to throw on over dresses or whatever. It's loose knit too which I always like, next time I'm in Primark again I will definitely be picking up the white one...and the red one...and probably the grey/blue one.


I really like cami style things at the moment and with this in mind I just had to purchase this dress from Missguided.


It is just so me. It is monochrome, it is dotty, it is grungey but still girly. Missguided have some really gorgeous dresses in at the moment so I will definitely be doing some more browsing. 


So I always pop into Poundland to look at the cosmetics because as I have said before you never know what you are gonna find and this time in I struck gold (yet only paid £4!)

I found Revlon polishes and Dainty Doll shadows! Oh yes. 

So I went for the blue eyeshadow (they did have a few other colours) but I thought I'd get out my comfort zone and try blue. I've only ever heard good things about Dainty Doll (the creation of Nicola Roberts) and I am pretty damn excited to try this eyeshadow out, I have swatched it and it is super pigmented which is excellent. 

(left-right) 'POPULAR' / 'CRAVING CORAL' / 'MINTED'

Revlon-wise I picked up 3 very pretty polishes; 'Popular', 'Craving Coral' and 'Minted', I love each of these colours a hell of a lot, right now I am wearing Popular and Minted on my fingernails (with a  Razzle Dazzle overcoat by Collection over Minted) and Craving Coral on my toenails. All three shades look great with a tan and I just love them. Did I mention that I love them? I have heard about Minted before and I was pleasantly shocked to find it in Poundland. I am going to review these polishes sometime soon so If you want to find out more about them then look out for that. 


Ahh addiction. I found a gem on eBay this week so I thought I'd share that with you....

I finally bought a kimono! I can't actually tell you how long I've been trying to find a decent priced but still really gorgeous Kimono, I can finally call the search off! 

I love the fringing detail. The black against the colour gives it a bit of edge.

I love the wash of colours too! It looks like someone just threw a load of paint at a wall and let the colours run onto this; so pretty. This is actually really colourful for me but it is perfect for summer just to throw over plain black dresses or over crop tops and shorts. Ahh I love it. Did I mention I love it. 

Okay so that is it for my haul. I hope you enjoyed it! As always I hope you are all well and please remember to follow me on bloglovin here.


  1. love the polka dot dress - i think i have the plain black one! it's so flattering!

    bec X

  2. great pieces!

    Would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  3. omg that zebra crop top and the polka dot swing dress are amazing! Love them! xo

  4. Great buys - love the polishes and missguided dress :) x


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