Wednesday, 14 August 2013

COLLECTIVE PAYDAY HAUL (Primark, Topshop, Miss Selfridge)

So it was that time of the month again when I get lots of lovely money for all my hard work and I can go shopping! Shopping makes me happy, I genuinely get a release of endorphin's when I purchase something - how materialistic Amy! There is quite a lot of Primark again so I'll show you that first...



OMFG I am in love with this sublime satchel. It was the only one left and I spotted it from afar (well from the knitwear section) and I left my mother in mid-sentence to race a ten year old girl who had spotted it too (in my mind it was slow motion), I grabbed it triumphantly and shoved it in my basket. I have wanted a neon satchel for so long so as you can imagine I was just a tad delighted when I found one in Primark, and for just £9 - bargain!

T-SHIRT - £1

Okay so this is a man's t-shirt but I find the men's t-shirts in Primark to be so damn comfortable just for lazing around the house or taking the dog for a walk. I really like the design on this one too, it looks like a retro tourist tee. 


Bargain alert! This is just the perfect throw everything in and go kind of bag and I thought it'd come in really handy for when I start university in September. It'd be really cool for festivals too (fingers crossed I get to go to some next year!)


I found this in the beauty section and I was quite pleased to find this when all the other nail art pens I've seen are £5 and over. I haven't actually tried it out yet but it's basically a black and a nail art pen and some sequins to embellish your nails with. 


I bought these fishnets to make some more DIY shorts for under hotpants and mini-skirts as I cut my last pair a little uneven (that's impatience for you). I needed some new exfoliating gloves so I thought I'd give these Primark ones a whirl - after all they are only a pound!


They have this lovely fluffy cardi in black and black & white striped too but since I already have a similar black one I went for this soft pink one. It's really cosy so perfect for A/W! I sized up with this one just because I like a looser fit with my knitwear.

EARRING SET - £2 / RING - £1.50

Oh I love these earrings so much - especially the yin-yang ones, I always wear odd earrings in both of my lope piercings so I love these Primark sets for the choice plus you get nine pairs for £2! The ring is cool too, I liked it because it looks like a spring, they also had it in silver too.

FLATS - £3 (sale) / HEELS - £10 (sale)

I already have these flats in a cream colour and I have been meaning to repurchase them in the black so I was pretty pleased when I looked around the shoe department and found them for just £3 down from £8! They are so comfy and have never given me any blisters so I would definitely recommend them if you find them (I'm pretty sure there was a tan version too).  OHMYGOD do I love these heels, I have wanted this kind of strappy sandal affair for ages but since I barely wear heels I thought it'd be a waste of money but when I found some for just £10 - well I couldn't resist. I think they are really good dupes of the Zara ones. I have worn them twice so far and they are really comfy and easy to walk in. They have a really gorgeous monochrome pair in Primark at the moment which I will be purchasing next time I'm in. 


RING SET -£2.50 / BRACELET - £2.50

I picked these up in Miss Selfridge's sale. I absoloutley adore turquoise jewellery so I just had to buy the ring set, they look really delicate on and they are a great addiction to my ring collection. This bracelet is just so pretty, I love the black glass beads and the dainty gold cross.


I bought more jewellery but I just couldn't leave these gems behind when I found them in Topshop.

 RING - £3.25 / NECKLACE - £5.50

The ring is a really pretty teal colour with black glass beads around it and in the shape of a cross in the middle. I think it looks a bit like an antique ring and everytime I have worn it so far I can't help but not be mesmerized by it. 

This necklace is just so beautiful on, it sit just on the collarbone and looks really flattering.  It looks expensive but the spike detail gives it a bit of edge. I think it looks really gorgeous with plain black tops or dresses and I will definitely be getting so much wear out of this!

Okay so that's it for this haul but I do have another one planned soon which will feature some eBay, some Missguided and a little ASOS, so look out for that post in the near future!

As always I hope you are all well and if you haven't already then please follow me on bloglovin here!


  1. That neon satchel is a beaut!

    would love for you to pop over to mine and have a look at my latest grunge inspired posts :)


    Charlie xxx

  2. Lovely haul. I like the satchel bag so much. Great colour.

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*

  3. Great haul, love those laser cut heels!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend xoxo

  4. I love that bright neon bag! Fancy following each other through GFC? Let me know!:)x


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