Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I got paid last Friday which could only mean one thing, right? - big arse shopping trip! Oh yes! I really went for the monochrome vibe with my purchases this time but monochrome is timeless, so I figure my purchases are a good investment, as come September I will be living on a student budget. Commence with the haul!

I can't believe I found this for £7! Especially when I was gonna pay £15 a few weeks ago for it. This dress is such good quality for Primark plus it is the perfect fit, it's a really thick cotton and then the pattern is textured. I saw similar styles and prints to this in both Topshop and Miss Selfridge so for £7 you really can't beat it!
This is perfect for the summer, it is so simple but so pretty. The back is sheer chiffon with a large keyhole detail. It's really loose and floaty, I will be wearing this with a bralet because it is very sheer.
They had this style in a variety of patterns but I went for the timeless monochrome dots just because I can style them with more things. They are really lightweight and will be great for casual everyday wear in the summer.
Yes this a man's shirt but I prefer the prints on men's t-shirts in Primark. I only really put this in my basket because it's pretty decent quality for the price and I don't own anything camouflage so I just had to grab it.
I love every damn thing about this top. I love the print. I love the monochrome. I love the lightweight material. I love the cute little buttons on the front. I love that it is a crop (sits just on the belly button). I love the cut out at the back. I just plain old love this top and at £5 it was a bargain!
My mum found me these trousers in a sale rack and I am so glad she did! Black trousers are a wardrobe staple. They have a really gorgeous jacquard print on them which my camera unfortunately didn't pick up very well.
This necklace is quite similar to styles I have seen previously in Topshop. It reminds me a bit of rosary beads. They had it in a neon pink version too which I personally felt was a bit too Mardi-Gras
Just some basic tights.
I bought these to wear at work just because they are small enough to go unnoticed. They are really dainty and girly. You get nine pairs of earrings in the set which works out to be just over 16p per pair!
Oops did more sunglasses 'accidently' fall into my basket? I just can't resist buying a pair (or in this case two) whenever I'm in Primark! I've been after some cat eye sunglasses for ages but I just didn't want to pay Topshop / Urban Outfitters prices because I'd end up breaking them or loosing them; so I had to get them for £2!
I found this in a discount New Look store. There is so much stuff! Anyway I found this little pretty thing and I could not resist! It is a really beautiful raspberry colour with a kind of waffle texture. I really like the drop skirt on this dress and I can't wait to get a tan because I think that will be the best accessory for this dress!
This was my first ever purchase from Bank, they had a sale on and I picked this out. I am so happy with this dress because it is exactly what I have been looking for. It's a really soft jersey fabric and the fit is perfect. This will be great in the summer with flats and bare legs but it will be equally as great in the winter with tights and boots.
These are like heaven to wear. I have never ever quite found the perfect fit of jeans for me until now! They are a really dark indigo and super skinny but super comfy. I bought these with my waitress tips from the last three weeks and I did have enough for the Topshop Leigh jeans but I tried these on a whim and I fell in love. They were in the sale at £20 but Miss Selfridge were having a 20% off sale items so I got them for £16! Bargain!
BAG - £16 (SALE)
I bought this with some more of my tip money. I just couldn't leave it on the shelf! Mainly because it reminds me of a raspberry in both colour and texture. All my other bags are mainly black so it is kinda nice to get something a bit more colourful. This was down from £39.99 to £20 in the sale but the 20% off meant I got it for £16!
Back to the monochrome. Ahh this skirt makes me feel so happy and I've got so many ideas on styling options in my head (should I get so excited over clothes?). It's a really thick fabric but with a slight bit of stretch to it so it isn't too rigid, I think for the quality and design it is an excellent price!
Just a basic grey marl jersey tee. I like H&M t-shirts because you get really good quality for the price. Plus you can wear a t-shirt like this with practically anything.
Okay so that's all folks. I bought quite a lot for summer and quite a lot of monochrome. Hope you enjoyed my haul; I really like haul posts myself for a bit of inspiration.
love amy xx


  1. love the cami from primark! i'll be keeping my eyes peeled for that one!

    bec X

  2. Great post
    Love the bag!
    Rachel X

  3. that polkadot circle shirt is so cute :)

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  4. Looks like you got a great haul! The swing cami is so cute, right up my street.

    Would love for you to check out my blog :)


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